Employer Policies and Procedures

Provide your organisation with the best legal protection possible.

A one-off purchase includes a comprehensive workplace policy package and a consultation with an experienced employment lawyer on how to implement the policies and use them effectively

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Policies and procedures package

Our firm has prepared a comprehensive policy and procedure package for small and medium size businesses. The package covers covers key areas of concern in the workplace and provides protection for employers against legal claims.

We have designed the package as a comprehensive document that can be provided to employees at the commencement, or during, their employment. 

The guide provides employees with clear indications of the requirements in their roles, and gives management clear processes and guidelines to follow.

The package is available for $399 (inclusive of GST) and includes a consultation with Shane Wescott, principal solicitor of our firm.

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Areas covered in the package

Standard of conduct guidelines

Work Ethic 



Personal Conduct 

Fair Business 

Working Environment 

Gifts, Conflict of Interest and Ethical Conduct 

Obligation to Disclose Relevant Information 

Use of Organisation Assets 




Sexual harassment 



Whistleblower policy 


Complaints processes

Complaint resolution

Supervisors' and managers' responsibilities:


Risks in the workplace

Managing illness and injury

Performance management process

Employment termination processes 

Grievance resolution process

Social media and internet use

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